Monday, January 11, 2010

Watch - Wait - Pray

Yup, the waiting is the hardest part. Melissa is still in Critical Condition. Right now the medical professionals are doing everything they can, so basically it's all up to Melissa. The professionals will be able to do more once she wakes up. She is doing o.k. with small improvements here and there. The swelling in her brain is down. Melissa is still hooked up to the temperature control machine. Her lungs look better and they are clearing. The good news today is that they have programmed the oxygen machine so that it is no longer breathing for her. She is still on oxygen, but she has to breathe for herself, and she is!
As for Dayna, she keeps busy. Her glasses were damaged in the accident so she got to get new ones!
Matt says the nurses that are working with Melissa are great and he is happy with the care and attention she is getting.

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  1. We're Nico family, thank you for create this blog that make us feel closer to Melissa.She deserve to be soon the smiling and happy person in the picture. Get well ! from your italian friends Pente