Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Little Better Each Day

Although Melissa is still in a "self-induced" coma, she is looking just a little better every day. The EEG results came in and the spots on the CT Scan were NOT stroke! That's great news! And although the ICP (that's the pressure on the brain) spiked on Saturday, today it was between 2 and 4 all day. (That's good!) They took the pressure gauge off of her head. They also took her off of ibuprofen because it is a blood thinner, and could cause bleeding behind her eyes when they go in to reconstruct her face, which they will probably do next week.
We want to thank everyone who has been praying for Melissa and for Matt and Dayna. We know that God does hear and answer prayers and we feel his love and yours. We are very blessed to have Melissa still with us even though we know she has a long road to recovery ahead of her. We feel very blessed that Dayna and Nico are well. And for those of you who have been asking about Dayna - she has been kept quite distracted even though she is at the hospital each day, she is doing extremely well under the circumstances. - Keep praying for her though :)
It does look as though they are going to make Matt leave the hospital for a few hours at night instead of sleeping in the waiting room. Luckily, his father-in-law has parked his 5th wheel trailer in the parking lot, so Matt has a place to stay really close.


  1. Thank you so much for posting updates on Melissa. The whole of Price Hills Ward is concerned about Melissa and her family and will continually be praying for them!

  2. Thak you so much for doing this blog. The updates are good. I have know Melissa since Jr high and Matt since High school. My prayers are with them daily.

  3. We at St. George airport thank you for keeping us informed. We are all very concerned for Melissa, Matt and Dayna. Our prayers are with your whole family. The TSA Team in SGU

  4. Thanks for the updates. I've got to say that it is a good sign that they are sending Matt away to sleep. As hard as that is, when the staff dares tell family to go take care of themselves, it means that things aren't as much hanging by a thread.